Stuart initially assisted us in our migration to RDB ProNet at the end of last year. His assistance with this helped us streamline the overall migration process significantly reducing the costs to our business, but also helped us address other numerous issues such as removing redundant data.

Following the migration process Stuart joined us again at Go-Live for a couple of days onsite training, however it was much more than this. We are a small close team with a broad spectrum of ability when it comes to IT. Stuart’s relaxed yet knowledgeable approached to helping the team both understand the importance of utilising the new CRM system, as well as reinforcing the training provided by FirstChoice on how to use the software definitely accelerated the process of us all getting to grips with a new way of doing things. Stuart also helped us tailor the product to our specific needs showing a good understanding of our specific business requirements paired with his extensive background in recruitment and software.

I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone migrating to RDB, he can provide you with as much assistance as you require, which will ultimately save you time and money. Stuart also offers, on-going assistance for the specification and implementation of future projects, which I am sure we will be making use of in the future.

Thank you for your support Stuart and speak soon.

Stephen Hughes