Stuart ran a very successful data migration process and subsequent configuration for us. He quickly built strong relationships with our team and his expert subject knowledge enabled us to utilise RDB ProNet effectively, having a direct positive financial impact on our business.

Melvin Day

Stuart provided some RDB consultancy services for Quantum, our database had grown out of control and was proving difficult to manage and utilise effectively.

He spent a number of days analysing and making recommendations and suggestions on how we should be using the system to it’s optimum. We pretty much took on board all of his recommendations as they made perfect sense, as a result the database was seen as an asset to our organisation and utilised much more effectively. I would use his services again if the need ever arose.

Julian Farmer

I have worked with Stuart for a short period of time at Frontier International (UK) Limited, although I have worked with him previously. In all the time I have known Stuart I have found him to be a true professional who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in his field of expertise. He builds strong business relationships by utilising these combined skills. He is a truly inspirational manager and I wish him every success in his new venture.

Margaret Walker

Stuart in my opinion is a fantastic Operations Manager, having personally benefited from his knowledge and guidance. He brings character and enthusiasm to our office and would make a positive impact where ever he goes.

Lesley Vallance

Stuart and I worked together for a year or so in what might be best described as “challenging circumstances”. In spite of the environment Stuart kept up a prodigious work rate and achieved notable successes by delivering on tough projects. Above all he kept not only his sense of humour but also his sense of purpose which has served him very well.

Ivor Campbell

I had the pleasure to work first hand with Stuart as a Business Partner. Stuart was extremely professional and knowleagable about the Recruitment industry as a whole, both as a Head Hunter, recruiter and trainer of software along with being diverse enought to devise his own bespoke systems.

Stuart showed obvious professionalism in dealing with confidential information and being a very trustworthy business partner. Since then Stuart has been helpful in advising on some very tricky situations within my current role and his advice has always borne fruit.

One business partner I don’t want to lose touch with.

Linda McGregor