Stuart was with us for two days as my team of recruiters went live on RDB and made the process much less stressful! The ‘out the box’ RDB is good, but I’d say it’s absolutely essential you have Stuart in the office to streamline the process. He makes some essential changes right off the bat which I imagine wouldn’t otherwise be thought of, especially by a bunch of recruiters who’re busy recruiting and just use what they’re given.

Stuart wasn’t only informative and professional, he was also a good crack which makes it easier for the younger, more energetic recruiters remain engaged! Two days of training on a new system certainly tests their concentration skills and ability to listen. Everyone warmed to Stuart quickly which made it all a whole lot easier.

Thank you, Stuart. You were genuinely invaluable!!

Lewis Bunn

When we made the decision to move to RDB, Stuart worked with our project team providing support and guidance. This was a massive change for our business and Stuart was always professional and helpful no matter what we threw at him. He worked on our data migration, produced numerous video guides, rolled out training for our staff and was always on hand with operational advice. Thank you to Stuart for his work in the successful implementation of RDB.

Jon Underwood

Stuart has recently supported Enterprise as project manager on our RDB database project. This is one of the biggest changes to our operational model in recent years and so a successful implementation was critical. Without Stuart’s support throughout the project and his technical knowledge we would have struggled to deliver the result we have to the business

Stuart is incredibly professional in all his business dealings but also has a great personality and an easy way about him which hugely assisted both myself and the team when we were having to action some fairly challenging processes and timelines. Stuart came out from sunny Scotland to train our staff and we were similarly impressed with his ability to engage the wider team in the change process.

We have enjoyed our working relationship and will be continuing to use him.

Ian McPherson

Stuart initially assisted us in our migration to RDB ProNet at the end of last year. His assistance with this helped us streamline the overall migration process significantly reducing the costs to our business, but also helped us address other numerous issues such as removing redundant data.

Following the migration process Stuart joined us again at Go-Live for a couple of days onsite training, however it was much more than this. We are a small close team with a broad spectrum of ability when it comes to IT. Stuart’s relaxed yet knowledgeable approached to helping the team both understand the importance of utilising the new CRM system, as well as reinforcing the training provided by FirstChoice on how to use the software definitely accelerated the process of us all getting to grips with a new way of doing things. Stuart also helped us tailor the product to our specific needs showing a good understanding of our specific business requirements paired with his extensive background in recruitment and software.

I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone migrating to RDB, he can provide you with as much assistance as you require, which will ultimately save you time and money. Stuart also offers, on-going assistance for the specification and implementation of future projects, which I am sure we will be making use of in the future.

Thank you for your support Stuart and speak soon.

Stephen Hughes

Stuart worked with our small team of recruiters providing much needed practical support and guidance both on a technical level and as users of RDB ProNet. His bespoke training and coaching enabled users to improve their productivity and effectiveness

Gill Stewart

Stuart set up and trained our team on RDB from First Choice.

His service was excellent. His deep knowledge of the system and the challenges faced by recruiters having been one himself has given us a big leg up transitioning to the new system. Stuart will be working with us again for sure.

David Bloom